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Real-scene Live

Studying abroad, can you live normally? Can you communicate normally when you are on a business trip abroad? Can you travel freely when traveling abroad?

Whether you are a student who is going abroad, a white-collar worker on a business trip, a traveler who wants to travel freely, or a curious baby who just wants to know about life abroad, the theme of life can meet your needs.

Life theme classes, including supermarkets, subways, train stations, hotels, food culture and other topics.

The content includes the vocabulary, common language and cultural knowledge points required for each topic, allowing you to understand foreign life in all aspects.


Oral communication-centered

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween... Do you want to know how foreigners celebrate these holidays?

We will let you spend the holidays with foreign teachers and learn about foreign history and culture.


Experience Study

Want to see the Eiffel Tower? Want to see Big Ben in London? Want to see the Statue of Liberty?

We can let you experience it all without leaving home.

We can let you truly grasp the history and culture behind these attractions.


Outdoor classic attractions (London city centre: Big Ben, Ferris wheel, Buckingham Palace, etc.; British Museum; New York City Centre; Sydney Opera House; French Eiffel Tower, etc.)

Attractions (Beach, Magic Castle, Chinatown, Park, Playground, etc.)