How To Get into English Teaching Programs?
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How to Get a Job Teaching English in Asia


Asia is largest continent where you can see mixture of peoples and cultures. Teaching English in Asia can give you a unique chance to live among the different class of people in Asia. If you are looking teaching job in Asia then we are going to describe some tips to get the English program in Asia.

1. Have the proper qualifications to teach.

 You should have proper qualification as being the native speaker of language. Many organizations hire those people who speak English fluently. If you are looking get job in Asia then you should complete your bachelor degree and TEFL certificate. If you are an experienced teacher then it helps you to earn lot of money in Asian countries. The cost of living in Asia counters is very low so you can save your money.

2. Get a college degree.


In Asia, the qualification is important factor in selection of an English teacher. If you are qualified or certified teacher then you will find the best opportunities in Asian countries. When you are highly qualified then you will get the job in universities, international schools and government jobs.  The Asian countries like the experienced teachers. They offer many salaries to experienced person.


3. You have a degree

When you have a degree then you will find yourself suitable candidate for an English teacher in Asian countries. The native speaker with college degree find best teaching jobs in different countries.

So, if you are looking for best English teaching job in Asian Countries then you should invest your money and time in certificate courses like CELTA, TESOL Certificate. When you will be able to get these certificates then you will be able to get the attractive salary package with your job. These English courses have its own importance in all over the world. Most of Asian Countries prefer to choose TEFL certificates holders teacher for their institutes. So TEFL Certificate is very important for you if you want good English Teaching program in Asia.


Build Your CV


When you feel yourself suitable for an English Job in Asian countries then you can write your CV. You should build professional CV. It should be written in Word format. You should mention your qualification and experience in your CV. Further you can add your awards and certificates in your CV. You can also mention your references also in CV. If you are able to build the professional CV, then you will find the job easily. Most organization can get the idea from the look of CV. If you are unable to build the professional CV then you cannot get good jobs.





You can add some family references and recommendation in your CV.


Police Record and Verification Report


Most countries need to clear your criminal record and need police verification. If you have sound record then you can get the chance to get the best jobs. However a police clearance is difficult to get when you are in overseas. You can provide your report to save the time. You can get the police verification before leaving the country. However if anyone has negative police record then the foreign countries hesitate to hire those people.



4. 7 Researches about Country



If you are looking for English Job then you should make some proper research in the country. You should consider the political and economic situation of country. If you find the country situation very stable then you can make your decision. However you can also make research about the natural disasters and floods before going to country. You can make research through Facebook. You can also see the international jobs forums and post any question about the country.


Search the Internet for job openings. 

When you have college degree, TEFL certificate, sound police record then you can think about to apply the job online from internet. There are many online forums through which you can apply the jobs like,,


9 Apply Job of Interested Country



 Find a cheap hostel or guesthouse to stay. Then hit the pavement, stop in at schools, and hand out your CV. More than a few people have found jobs this way. The advantage to this is you get an instant read as to what the school and students are like. If you are taking this route, see if you can observe a class before you sign a contract. Also, they may ask you to do a demo lesson, so be prepared to show your best.