The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English Abroad
Date 2020-02-17 Viewed


China is the largest country in the world. There is the largest number of students in the world. Almost there are more than 300 million students are learning English in China.

There are many teaching jobs in China. If you are looking to teach English in China then we are providing the ultimate guide to teach English in China.

There are many companies that can help you place at some reputable schools. The companies also ensure Visa, transportation, and apartments. However, if you have enough information about working in China then our ultimate guide will help you.

· Working Conditions and Benefits

In China, there are dissimilar working conditions for teaching English in China. It really depends on different factors. You can see the different places of teaching in China.

· Training School

These schools in china for those people who are looking to make money. It is the widest type of job in China. If you are teaching the first time then it will be better for you to choose training schools. They are very easy to find and pay well. You can earn almost 20 K RMB from these centers.

.Here in these centers, you may be given the size of 10 students. You can teach the ten students with proper care. Small classes make a difference for you.

However, there is the downside of these centers as there are long working hours. Your Holidays will be only the national days, however, it is the best option for you to start the teaching.

Public School

These are the best schools for those people who are looking to travel to China. Public school is the best way to enjoy a lot of holidays. You can work only 16-20 working hours.

The public school provides you with an apartment, and pay airfare from your home country one of the best things about Public Schools is that they offer a visa. These are government organizations. You may avail of the Z working Visa.

The class sizes are larger than those in Training Schools. You may have classes of over 50 students. It will increase your confidence level and experience to teach more than 50 students in a class.

· University

Teaching in universities is a great option for those people who

University positions for English teachers have great potential. You can build your career from universities in China.

In University, You may find large classes but they are easy classes. You do not need to take any pain to teach university students. They are very mature and learn easily.

· International Schools

International schools are the best options for those people who are professionals.

These schools recruit only teachers having experience or real teaching credentials from their country back home. They can teach everything.

If you’re looking for the best teaching English in China's salary, it will be a great place for you to make room. Most international schools offer a huge salary.

· School Culture

China’s culture is very different. You should learn about the culture of China. The environment of China will help you teach best in China. When you will teach China you will able to see different cultures around the country. It will give you more experience. You can take some local guide before to start English.

You should consider the concept of face in China. It is important for Chinese culture.

· Different Teaching Methods

You should know the different teaching methods. You will get more teaching experience when you will adopt more teaching methods.  

· China’s Education System Is Different

As we know that china's education system is different from other countries. So you should follow the education system of China in order to perform a good English teaching job. You can check the BBC documentary about the chines teachers.


· Games Are Good

Games are a good option for your students. You can also make a dance with your students. They can make the students happy and interested. One thing you should remember that you should not do some drilling exercises.


Teaching English in China is a great option. Many people from all over the world wish to have a job in China. China is offering great benefits to English teachers. Many English teachers are unable to survive in China due to a lack of skills and confidence levels. Our ultimate guide is best for those teachers who are looking for a job in China. You will be able to know how to teach in China. We have pointed out the different options for English teachers to teach. However, if you follow the ultimate guide to teach English in China, you can be the best English teacher in China. When you will be the best English teacher in China then you will earn a lot of money and enjoy your life.