Cost of living-Teaching English in China
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Cost of living-Teaching English in China

Many people are trying to earn from china to enjoy their life and save some money. This is one of the best reasons that people teach English in China. Teaching English in China can provide a lot of benefits like traveling, the introduction of a new culture. However, you can earn a lot of money from China.   

Average English Teacher’s Salary in China

If we look at average foreign English Teacher salary in China then we can see that it rounds about the 10000-15000 RMB or $1,400 – $2,200 per month. It looks like a high salary as compared to the home country. The key factor in the cost of living in China. We are going to discuss the lifestyle and cost of living of an English teacher.

• Cost of Renting an Apartment in China

• Cost of Transportation in China

• Cost of Food in China

• Dining Out in China

• Grocery Shopping in China

• Cost of Leisure Activities in China




1. Cost of Renting an Apartment in China

Rent is a major factor in the cost of living outside the home. It is the major expense for you if you are teaching in China. Although the cost of renting an apartment in China is very low. The prices of renting may vary from city to city and district to district.

There are some high-cost cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai. You may have to pay at least 4000 RMB. While you may pay less cost in Guangzhou. The prices can vary when you will choose 1 bedroom or 2-bed room apartments.

 However when you will consider some school that provides first leap China can also provide the allowances. There is a higher apartment allowance for teachers.

When you will arrive in China, you will need to have some cash to fulfill the expense for your apartment. There is also a requirement of payment in advance.

2. Cost of Transportation in China

The transportation cost may be low in China. You may pay for 2 RMB for the city Bus and 25 RMB for the 20-minute taxi ride. The riding may be affordable as it may start from 2 RMB. Traveling within China may be inexpensive and it may cost around 490 RMB to get speed train from Guangzhou to Wuhan. Flights for nearby cities may be inexpensive as it largely depends upon the departure and arrival of cities. However, transportation is very inexpensive in China for an English teacher.



3. Cost of Food in China

If we look at the local food of china then we find it very different from the home country. You will find a wide variety of food in China. The quality of the food may be good and cheaper in China.

It means there is a low cost of living in China for you if you eat local food. You can find local food everywhere. However, if you prefer the important food as European food then it will be difficult for you to find the food in China. It will be an expensive food for you.

4. Dining Out in China

There are many options for dining in China. The adventurous people will like local street food. The people search for some taste and cheap food. So if you are an English teacher then you can search for the cheap food in China Street food. You can choose eggs, potatoes, carrots and some meat for your meal. This meal may cost for 3 RMB.

5. Grocery Shopping in China

The food prices in China are very low in comparison to your home country. it will also depend upon the cooking of your home. However, the budget for grocery shopping in china is low for an English teacher. You can afford the prices of grocery in the China.

6. Cost of Leisure Activities in China

Many people in China teach English to enjoy a variety of leisure and cultural activities. It is good to step for them as they can be happy and comfortable in that living standard. These activities are very cheaper. It will give you the chance to have 3-course dinners which may be cost of less than 100 RMB.

If you want to join the fitness club then there will be a membership cost of 150 RMB. Some teachers like to watch the night movies in Cinema which may cost 65 RMB. However, you can explore the historical cities of the Forbidden City in Beijing.


You can see the cost of living in China then it is not a huge budget for an English Teacher. In this article, we have seen the different budgets for the cost of living. This article will give you a clear idea of the living cost of an English teacher in China.