Best English teaching Jobs in China in 2020.
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Best English Teaching Jobs in China in 2020

China has economic and social transformations due to international trade and ideas. There are more than 300 to 400 million English language learners in China. China is considered as the largest single market for teachers. People from all over the world look for jobs in China. English teaching jobs in China have more value than any other job.

In this article, we are going to describe some teaching jobs in China in 2020. There are many teaching jobs in China in 2020. We are discussing 8 best jobs for you.

1. Teaching Nomad

2. English First

3. World Teach China Global Leadership Year

4. Flying English Shanghai

5. Top-Notch ESL

6. Pair Au Pair China

7. ImmerQi

8. International Volunteer HQ

1. Teaching Nomad

If you are a newcomer to the game then Teaching Nomad is one of the best ways to find the teaching jobs in China for 2020. Teaching Nomad has its own importance in all over the world. There are many opportunities for teaching Nomad that include compensation at the higher end of the scale.  Teachers work less in order to have more time.

2. English First

English is the language for private international education programs. When you will consider the English First then it will help all businesses all over the world. There may be a teaching position for kids, teens, and adults. There are many benefits of EF as teachers can include the flights for many programs, advances in salary and opportunity for EFL sponsorship. You can see the opportunities of these jobs in 20 cities all over China including Xi’an, Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai. You can find this opportunity throughout the year.

3. World Teach China Global Leadership Year

English language teaching jobs in China can work directly with the Hunan province Ministry of Education to provide high-quality teachers. You can see the placement from August and it includes the certification of TEFL, support, insurance, and airfare. The non-profit always focus the World Tech’s China Global Leadership program. It is one of the best ESL jobs in China. However, these opportunities can be available in cities and towns in Human provinces.

4. Flying English Shanghai

These job opportunities are based on Huangpu, Shanghai. It is best for after school programs and placement with flying English. The classes for these programs are very small. There are only 4 to 6 children from age of 3 -12. Flying English can provide teachers with in-country support. These opportunities can give some extra pay. If there are small classes then children will take more interest.  

5. Top-Notch ESL

These jobs are based on the Capital City of Beijing. Through Top Notch ESL, English teachers are connected with Public schools, language centers, and full-time in-home tutors jobs. If you are looking for the best English Teaching jobs in China then you can only focus the Top Notch ESL as it has its own reputation.  You can find these jobs in Beijing throughout the academic year.

6. Pair Au Pair China

When you will immerse yourself completely in Chinese Culture and language then it will be the best way to learn about China. It is not a conventional job but LoPair can match each English Speaking pair with one Chinese family. The children of Au Pairs learned English very quickly. These jobs are available in Guangdong Province, Sichuan Province, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, and Zhejiang Province. It is available for the whole year.

7. ImmerQi

It is checking the English informal setting. ImmerQi can place its English teachers at the school in Guangdong province in the spring season. It will give the English teachers to work for a shorter period. These programs are scheduled for 6 months.  You can see these opportunities in Guangdong Province in year-round with 6-month placements.

8. International Volunteer HQ

There are many reasons to consider the volunteer option. You can see the operation of International volunteer headquarters all over the world including the teaching programs in Xi’an, IVHQ has a good record of safe operations and low program fees. You can see the opportunities in Xi’an throughout the world.

9. Conclusions

China is offering unparalleled opportunities for English teaching. There are many opportunities for English teachers. If you are looking for the best English teaching jobs in China in 2020 then this article makes sense for you to understand the top English Teaching Jobs in China. You can find the best job for yourself according to experience and qualification. When you will be interested to find the jobs in China then you will find different opportunities in China.

However, there are some requirements to recruit English Teachers for schools that must fill some requirements of the Chinese government to apply for a Chinese Z type Work VISA, for English Teaching Job in China.