What Teaching English in ChinaisREALLY Like?
Date 2020-02-17 Viewed

What Teaching in China is Really Like?

If you are looking teaching  job in China then you can find it an ideal graduate job. The job is the best way to gain incredible experience and personal and professional benefits. However, there are many challenges in China. This article will give you a clear idea of what teaching job in China really likes.

· The Stereotype

A stereotype is an over-generalized belief about people. So you will feel some belief on your students in China, It will help you to down the language barrios and share the excitement. Many students love the foreigners’ teachers. The teacher uses different techniques in China to encourage the behavior. There is a need for an English teacher to take a lesson that will make you questions to teach abroad. It is also a part of the learning process. You should look for new ideas for preparing your lessons. You can check the activities of Chinese students.

· Responsibilities

If you are thinking to do a job in China then you will find the few teaching hours, low pressure and long school holidays during your job. It is also a great fact about foreign teachers do not show the responsibility. You may be asked to run extracurricular classes. It will be your responsibility to conduct the semester exams and events. These responsibilities will help the English teachers to influence their experience.

· The Timetable

When you are teaching English in China you will be given a proper schedule of your classes like in another school across the world. This time table will help you to decide the schedule of your daily activity in the school. The time table is necessary for every school in China.

· Teacher or Model?

When you will be selected as an English teacher in China then you may be asked to boost your school status. You will be a role model for China school. When you will be involved in the modeling of school then it will be effective for future students.

Your employer will want to make your presence in every opportunity. It means with teaching, you have to participate in other activities of school that can model the school. China is welcoming foreign teachers across the border as most of the schools in China have never had a foreign teacher.

· Teaching Career’

Most of the teachers are not qualified in home country but they become part of foreign school. In China, there is no proper checking of experience for foreigner’s teachers. Many colleagues ask this question about the teaching career in the home country. Being a foreign teacher you should not worry about this type of question.

You should feel confident in your job. If you have no experience then it may cause a problem for you but continuously work hard will allow you to teach the best in your classes. However, you should try to show the experience of teaching in front of your colleagues. It will help you to fill the gap between the colleagues.

· Warm Welcome or Not

When any new employee is hired in any organization then he is welcomed. If you are new in China and you are thinking that you will be welcomed in country then avoid thinking about it. You may not be welcomed with huge smiles and open arms on your first day of school in China. There is no need for disappointment.

Although Chines are friendly people you should be prepared for everything. You may meet with people who have nervous stares and muffled singles. You should feel confident and work hard.  Many people in China are very in Speaking to foreigners. This is only due to language barriers.

Some new teachers may have fear in china at the start but with proper conservation with your colleagues, you will be able to make some friends and enjoy your job.


When a new teacher comes to China then he has a lot of confusion and lack of confidence. Teaching in China is like going to some Disneyland.  You can watch the vast expanse of land with all the various possibilities of potential pain and pleasure.

China is the largest country in the world. Its corners are habitable and you will find each distinct peculiarities corner. There are a lot of public schools, private schools, international schools and universities in China.

However ‘teaching English’ in China may bring some challenges for you. There is only a need for courage and confidence level. The new teachers have to follow the time table and rules and regulations of that country. The teacher should also work for the development of the school. He should be a role model of school. However, teaching in China is a great option for those people who are searching for jobs across the world.